Opening Night: Thursday 19th January, 2023

Show runs from: Friday 20th - 26th January, 2023

Virtual Show: Sunday 22nd - 29th January, 2023

Amal Alyaseen, Artist (2 works)

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Artwork number: 1015

Alhambra Palace

Height 80cm x Width 80cm


Genre: Other

Live Show Location: 37

© Artist: Amal Alyaseen
NRN# 000-43541-0144-01



Land Transfer Services

Land Transfer Services provides specialist residential property conveyancing services and is located in the heart of the Mornington township.



Artwork number: 1016

For Van Gogh

Height 80cm x Width 100cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Impressionist

Live Show Location: 132

© Artist: Amal Alyaseen
NRN# 000-43541-0174-01