2024 Art Show has closed. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Art Show Procedure

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to consider our show.

If you choose to enter your art work in our Show then you will need to follow this procedure and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Entry and Sales.

The submission, entry and show procedure will follow these stages:

1. Initial Submission

Submit your work(s) and Entry payment(s) via the Gallery 247 online system. Submissions open on Wednesday 1st November, 2023. Submissions CLOSE on Sunday 10th December 2023, at midnight. 

You may submit any number of works ($5.00 per artwork entry fee. This fee is not refundable) for consideration for acceptance into the show but the Organisers reserve the right to accept up to four (4) works from any one artist, or more at the discretion of the Organisers.  All accepted works will be displayed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Quality colour images of the work, in it's entirety, need to be included. If there is a significant difference between the initial submitted image and the actual work the work will not be exhibited.

2. Review and Pre-Selection

After the closing date, midnight Sunday December 10, 2023, all submissions will be reviewed and assessed by a Pre-Selection Panel.

3. Acceptance Notification

Artists whose works are selected for exhibition will be notified prior to 31st December, 2023 via email using the online system, and invited to exhibit at the Show. Artists must notify the Organisers if the work is no longer available for the Show. Withdrawn works may be substituted at the discretion of the Organisers. 

Artists, whose work has been accepted will receive one free ticket to attend any of the public opening days (excludes Opening Night).  

4. Delivery

Artists or their agents deliver the works to the Art Show venue.

All exhibits for the physical art show must be delivered to the Peninsula Community Theatre, Mornington, between 9am and 4pm on Sunday 14th January, 2024

Any damage or loss of any exhibit howsoever and whenever whilst in transit, in storage or otherwise shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. The Committee will take every care of exhibits but does not accept any responsibility for any such damage or loss and advises exhibitors to insure against damage or loss.

If the exhibitor authorises an agent to deliver or collect unsold exhibits this authority must be in writing addressed to the Mornington Art Show, signed by the exhibitor and contain the specimen signature of the agent.

5. Sales Notifications

During the Show you will be notified via the online system if your artwork sells. A red dot will be placed on the item if it is on display in the Physical Art Show.

6. Collection

The exhibitor must collect any unsold exhibits after the close of the exhibition, on Saturday 27 January, 2024 by 3.00pm at the latest, as no storage facilities are available after this time .

7. Payment

Payments for sold works exhibited in the Physical show, will be made to the artist by the Rotary Club of Mornington Inc. via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). The sale proceeds, minus the commission of 25% (inclusive of GST), plus any award prize money, will be paid within fourteen business days of the close of the show. Artists will need ensure that their banking details have been accurately provided via registration through Gallery 247.

Payments to artists for any artworks sold Online will be subject to delivery of the sold artworks to the buyer. Subsequently, the artist will receive payment via Gallery 247 as outlined in their terms and conditions.

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