January 17-26 2020

Mornington Peninsula Community Theatre

Gala Night January 16

3 Tulips In A Field by Violetta Misiorek



DIMENSIONS (Height - 101.60 cm X Width - 76.20 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41209-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Violetta Misiorek
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Artist: Violetta Misiorek


I am a self-taught artist. The need to paint came suddenly and quite unexpectedly in my early 30s and it was combined with an intense desire to commence this beautiful journey immediately! I started with oil pastels but quickly moved on to oil paints. I adore the intense colour and amazing texture that oil paints provide. Every painting has part of my soul in it, as every painting went on a journey with me, with my mind and with my heart. They become part of who I was, who I am and who I will become. Every time I paint my heart and my mind open more, feel more and see more.

In my works I like to create balance in chaos, movement in stillness and beauty in imperfection. 

My 'day job' is in mathematics and information sciences and my working hours are spent in a very structured and high pressure corporate environment. I love how painting allows me to let go of boundaries, restrictions and limitations. It allows me to really feel the fire within, it lets me express it and open my mind to limitless possibilities. It is almost a mental state shift.

All my paintings are an image of what I feel with my heart as I do not paint what I see; I paint what I feel.
My hope and wish is that they will make you feel something too... that they will make you experience emotions that you did not know you had.. and that they will help you see more beauty around you.. 

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