Opening Night: Thursday 19th January, 2023

Show runs from: Friday 20th - 26th January, 2023

Virtual Show: Sunday 22nd - 29th January, 2023

Earth Angel by Liza Clements

ARTIST NOTES: “Earth Angel so gentle and free, you slept so soundly on the beach with me.
With beautiful colours in the sky to see, it’s peaceful and calm and there’s no place to be”.
As I looked over the water the sun was rising behind me, filling the sky with soft pastel colours, beautiful pinks and blues. The seagulls were stirring but this little Earth Angel was still snuggled up, enjoying a little extra shut eye on the sand at the beautiful Mordialloc Beach in Melbourne.

Limited Edition 22 (Available 5 sizes) | Print Size 17 x 17 inch on 24 x 24 inch Sheet | Archival Pigment Ink on Cotton Rag | Frame Size(cm) 64W x 64H x 4D | White Box Frame | Print with white border set back in frame | Inside edges of frame are white | Back of frame finished with white foamcore and sealed with white framing tape | White cord attached with d rings “ready to hang”. Limited Edition prints come complete with a signed Certificate of Authenticy.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 64.00 cm X Width - 64.00 cm )
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2630-0169-01
COPYRIGHT © Liza Clements
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Artist: Liza Clements



Inspired by the world around her, Liza’s work mirrors her world within. With a love of the coast, this is where she finds much inspiration. It is where she feels at peace and at one with nature. She will often be up with the birds searching for the beautiful soft colours and light that early morning offers. Focused behind the lens she finds stillness, a sense of calm that allows her vision to emerge before she brings it to life on her digital canvas.

Spending her childhood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Liza has called Bayside Melbourne home for many years. She has studied art and design and worked in the printing industry as a graphic designer. From a young age Liza had aspirations to be an artist, inspired by the emotive landscapes of William Turner. In 2008 she followed her dream, exploring the art of photography. She completed her Advanced Diploma of Photography with an art specialisation in 2011.

In 2013 Liza held her first solo photography exhibition and was named The AIPP Victorian Emerging Photographer of the Year. She has gone on to win many more awards and continues to exhibit her work regularly. In 2018 she was named The AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year and was a Finalist again in 2019. She is also recognised as a Master of Photography, an accolade achieved through many years of dedication to her craft.


"Photography for me is a meditative process and when I’m focused behind the lens all distractions fade away. I find a sense of calm that brings clarity as I compose and capture the image. As I release the shutter my vision is clear and it’s time to bring it to life on my digital canvas. Photoshop is an important tool in my creative process, allowing me the freedom to create works of art that are truly a reflection of who I am.

I have always admired the landscape paintings of the artist William Turner as he expresses emotion through nature. Traditional artists use paint and a canvas, as a photographic artist I work with photos on my digital canvas. At times I may make the light shine a little brighter or the sky appear a little bluer but this is how I express emotion through the landscape, this is how I create the world as I see it.

Printing my work is when the magic really happens. To create a beautiful print is an art in itself, one that has taken me many years to master. Having worked in the printing industry I take great pride in meticulously crafting a beautiful piece of photographic art. Many hours can be spent perfecting an image and many test prints are produced to ensure each and every detail is just right.

I embrace every step in my creative process and as a photographic artist, I don't just capture images, I create works of art!

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