2024 Art Show has closed. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Award Winners

Artist: Yesim Gozukara
Title: Sand Patterns - Isle Of Skye
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Rodney Symmons
Title: Cane Country - Queensland
Prize: Best Oil
Artist: Patti Green
Title: The Gang Gang Gang
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Sandra Scurrah
Title: Gordes, Hilltop Town Provence
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Jayne Henderson
Title: Upper Murray Valley
Prize: Best Acrylic
Artist: Lyn Mellady
Title: Flooded Murray R At Sunset
Prize: Best Pastel
Artist: John Bredl
Title: Murray Flood
Prize: Best Exhibit Any Medium
Artist: Kylie Mackay
Title: To Infinity
Prize: Don Gordon Packing Room Prize
Artist: Claude Ciccone
Title: Janine In Studio
Prize: Highly Commended 2024


Mornington Art Show 2024 - Genre - Nudes (3 works)

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Highly Commended 2024 at The Mornington Art Show 2024

Artwork number: 1470


Height 54cm x Width 68cm

Black and White

Genre: Nudes

Live Show Location: 89

© Artist: Nathan (natti) Miller (1)
NRN# 000-45958-0139-01

Artwork number: 1610

Chloe Of Melbourne

Height 80cm x Width 45cm

Other Medium on Paper

Genre: Nudes

© Artist: Robert Shlimak (2)
NRN# 000-1731-0139-01

Artwork number: 1678

Untitled No.23

Height 120cm x Width 100cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Nudes

Live Show Location: 79

© Artist: Nichapha Trongsiri (2)
NRN# 000-37204-0195-01