Thank you to everyone who supported us for the 2024 Show.   See you in 2025!

Award Winners

Artist: Heinz Fickler
Title: Cape Schanck
Prize: Best Mornington Peninsula Scene (Bernie and Susan Taylor memorial prize)
Artist: Jianqiang Xu
Title: Paris, France
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Renee Mitchell
Title: Piece Of Pie
Prize: Best Drawing and/or other Medium
Artist: Lydia Ben Natan
Title: Hillside
Prize: Best Contemporary
Artist: Yesim Gozukara
Title: Sand Patterns - Isle Of Skye
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Linda Weil
Title: The Grandmother Tree
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Robert Wengritzky
Title: Serenity
Prize: Best Photography
Artist: Philip Vercoe
Title: The Edge Of Shadows
Prize: Highly Commended 2024
Artist: Gabrielle Young
Title: Sunlit Morning
Prize: Highly Commended 2024


Mornington Art Show 2024 - Black and White (3 works)

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Artwork number: 1007

Blossom Lane

Height 52cm x Width 52cm

Black and White

Genre: Abstract

Live Show Location: 93

© Artist: Margaret Alexander (3)
NRN# 000-43352-0155-01

Artwork number: 1311

Crossing Reflections

Height 54cm x Width 44cm

Black and White

Genre: Landscape

Live Show Location: 90

© Artist: Hanna Hosking (3)
NRN# 000-44927-0140-01

Highly Commended 2024 at The Mornington Art Show 2024

Artwork number: 1470


Height 54cm x Width 68cm

Black and White

Genre: Nudes

Live Show Location: 89

© Artist: Nathan (natti) Miller (1)
NRN# 000-45958-0139-01